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PainScript offers a personalized digital platform for opioid and substance abuse chronic care management.

Validated through nine peer-reviewed and published trials, the PainScript solution provides physicians and patients early warning signs of deteriorating health, while proactively increasing compliance with therapeutic protocols.

The Platform

Easy-to-use Mobile App

PainScript allows doctors to put patients first with a user-friendly app that asks key clinically validated questions daily to gauge care plan and medication adherence.

Daily Data Reporting

Access patient data easily through a private, HIPAA-compliant portal, allowing your practice to evaluate, intervene, and manage patients' care.

Automated Workflow

Proactively manage patients with the power of PainScript automation to intelligently analyze the answers of patients and escalate clinical issues.

Patient Care

Why We Chose Them

The PainScript solution represents the cutting edge of telehealth technology that leads to better outcomes for patients, and the physician that treat them.

Key Business Demographics

The PainScript focus is on improving care for patient with chronic disease requiring daily medication and on-going monitoring

Healthcare Market Targets

Initial verticals include chronic pain patients under the care of a pain management specialist and substance use disorder (SUD) patients under psychiatric care.

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